Sometimes I like to write about topics that people are uncomfortable with.  It tends to open up some discussion and hopefully lets some people open up to ideas that they feel uneasy talking about.

And today that topic is Anal Bleaching.

There are actually an amazing amount of articles written about this topic so that leads me to believe that this is something a lot of people have done, or at the very least thought about and perhaps researched.

I can’t say as I am one of those that has ever really thought about doing this but on the other hand I am not one of those that thinks it is stupid or would be against doing.

There are websites that devote themselves almost entirely to the subject of anal bleaching if you can believe it. And within the realm of anal bleaching is a whole subset of things like vaginal bleaching, nipple bleaching, scrotum and penis bleaching, etc, etc.

Where did this all start?  Why do people care?

From all I have read, the concept of anal bleaching started in the adult entertainment industry.  I guess the idea of a fair skinned porn star with a dark anal area they felt wasn’t too appealing.  So ways of bleaching or lightening the skin were devised.

At first, the methods were, well, downright primitive.  Most concoctions contained some nasty chemicals like hydroquinone (now known to cause or promote cancer) and amazingly enough even things like mercury!

The world seems to have come a long way from those days, which weren’t really that long ago, perhaps ten to fifteen years is my guess.  Now the nasty chemicals are gone in almost all products, replaced with natural ingredients.

If tending my lawn with the newer products that are made of natural ingredients versus the old days with chemicals is any indication, I would guess that these new products with natural ingredients work, but at a much slower pace.  If it were me, I’d rather wait longer to have a green lawn or a pink and shiny anus if it meant I was not harming myself!  I hope that’s not just me…..

So what is your opinion?

During my research, I visited a lot of websites and forums and found that this topic brings out strong reactions on both sides of the discussion.  It is my feeling that the possibly stronger negative side is simply because people that are opposed to the concept of anal bleaching are more likely to voice their opinion than people that are considering it or have already done it.  In short, in our society, anal bleaching is considered taboo in many circles so that the people that are pro towards it are less likely to say anything in fear of being made fun of or other retaliation.  Online forums tend to bring out the worst in people since it is so easy to hide behind the anonymity of your keyboard.

My Opinion

Whatever floats your boat.  I’m not about to order some anal bleaching cream to start lightening up my bum.  I personally don’t look at my anus and since I’ve been married a long time and have never had a complaint from my husband (come to think of it, maybe I should ask him!), it is not something that has crossed my mind.  But if my hubby said “Yeah, I wouldn’t mind if that were a little lighter and brighter”, then yes by all means I would at least consider it.

If you want to do it, and it makes you feel better about your self and heightens your self-esteem then I say go for it.

And if you don’t want to do it, that’s fine too.  But don’t go around making life miserable for the people that choose to do it.  It is their life, their body and their pysche.  Let them live their life just like you want to live yours.